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2015 High Falls Film Festival

Tea + Cake

Directed by Kirsty Robinson

UK / 2015 / Narrative Feature Film / 1 hour 32 mins / English with English subtitles / World Premiere Premiere

Tea & Cake

The Little Theatre - #1
Friday, November 13, 2015 8:30 pm


Director Kirsty Robinson with conduct Q&A with the audience via SKYPE after the screening.

Writer/director Kirsty Robinson started writing Tea and Cake when she was 14-years-old, to show “other girls who were bullied, self-conscious, and struggling” they aren’t as alone as they feel. During the 14 years it took her to finish the film, she learned that women of every age face similar issues. So her script expanded to include four generations of women in a small town in England: a lonely teenager and her ambitious older sister, their unhappily married mother, and their desperate grandmother. Gaining strength from friends and family, each tries to overcome the unexpected obstacles life hurls at them.

Synopsis written by Sid Rosenzweig

This film is recommended for audiences 13+


Tickets may be purchased online until 4pm on Friday Nov 13. We will have plenty of tickets available at the Little Theatre’s box office starting at 7:30pm.

Director's Bio

Kirsty Robinson has worked in the film industry for the past ten years, and more recently she has worked within the TV industry. Kirsty has always worked within the film/tv world, and then during any spare time she creates, writes and makes films.

Whilst working at the independent production company Shoebox Films as Creative Executive, Kirsty made ‘Tea + Cake’- her extremely low budget feature film, which she started writing at the age of 14).

Kirsty has held jobs with Working Title Films, Shoebox Films and now Hat Trick Productions.




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Dates & Times

Tea & Cake

The Little Theatre - #1
Friday, November 13, 2015 8:30 pm