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2015 High Falls Film Festival

Small Gestures Short Films Program II

1 hour 30 mins

Small Gestures Short Films Program II

The Little Theatre - #5
Saturday, November 14, 2015 4:15 pm


Films are called moving pictures for a reason. A well-made short film can be like a small gesture that touches an audience in a profound way or delights with its lightness. Be prepared to be moved by these nine cinematic gems.

Short Films Selected by Johannes Bockwoldt – Short Films Program Director

Tickets will be available online until 8am Sat Nov 14. We will have plenty of tickets available at the door.

perceptions Perceptions
1 min 57 sec • Documentary, Drama • USA
Joanne Azoo, a nine-year breast cancer survivor, shows the process to her empowerment in this short documentary film, adapted from one of her poems.
Director: Brandon Azoo


welcome Welcome
17 min 19 sec • Drama • USA
The day her boyfriend plans to propose to her, Anna, a young New York-based Czech doctor is held at U.S. immigration after a humanitarian trip to Uganda.
Director: Serena Dykman


testing Testing
8min • Drama • USA
Eddie and Shea love each other, have great careers, a great middle class life. Now it’s time to have a baby, or is it?
Director: Christopher Leps


Flip_flops Flip Flops
16 min 8 sec • Drama • China
Young Hong Kong couple Anna and Thomas is having a fight during one afternoon on the shores of Hong Kong. Hurt by her boyfriend’s wrongdoing, the proud Anna has trouble forgiving the unresponsive Thomas until she wakes up after a nap on the beach and finds him gone. Has he left her?
Director: Haolu Wang


bigtime Big Time – my doodled diary
12 min 18 sec • Comedy, Drama • India
As “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” dominates the pop charts, Maya writes in her diary everything that rocks her teenage world, from the assassination of Indira Gandhi and her parents’ divorce, to the latest pimple that made its appearance.
Director: Sonali Gulati


juniper Juniper
20min • Drama • USA
Annabelle, an unhappy city girl, stumbles upon a video advertisement for an intentional community. She decides to take a chance and goes to seek inner meaning and human connection on a retreat with Hippies, nudists, and woodworkers, but ultimately it is another city person that truly defines her journey.
Director: Hannah McDonald


roadhome The Road Home
6 min 1 sec • Drama • USA
Vietnam nurse Rebecca, in the last-ditch effort to feel like she belongs back home, decides to track down the only person who could possibly love who she has become.
Director: Lisa J Dooley


ithappens It Happens
8 min 55 sec • Drama • USA
Muslim girl Sarah lives with her controlling brother Bashar in New York City. Bashar believes he holds all the cards and that, with his control, he can force a lifestyle on Sarah that would save his honor.
Director: Yasmin AL Rihawi


throwing Throwing Stones
2 min 38 sec • Drama • USA
Bonding over everyday frustrations Mark and Sarah prove that simple acts often provide a means for profound confessions.
Director: Amber Rapp


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Small Gestures Short Films Program II

The Little Theatre - #5
Saturday, November 14, 2015 4:15 pm