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2018 High Falls Film Festival

I’m Fat – with Q&A

Directed by Halit Levy

Israel / 2017 / Documentary Feature Film / 53 mins / Hebrew with English subtitles / US Premiere

I’m Fat

The Little Theatre - #5
Friday, November 2, 2018 9:15 pm Available at box office


Halit is a fat woman, very fat, obese in fact, and 39 years old. In contrast with many fat people, she carries her fat proudly, almost defiantly in opposition to this world that demands that she act and feel a certain way about her fat, according to codes that are not always acceptable to her.

She is in a relationship, has a good profession, and works with youth in distress with whom she shares her life and encourages them to shed, improve and take themselves as far as they can. She swims, does sports, eats healthier than expected, has her own dress style, and in principle is a proud and happy fat woman.

Is it possible to be fat, happy, self-confident and without a doubt regarding her fat? Halit sets out on a personal journey made up of meetings with people all dealing with weight issues, each in his or her own way. Some carry it proudly, some in agony, and most have chosen at some time or another to place themselves under the surgeon’s knife and receive a ticket to the promised land of thinness and social correctness.

Every such encounter sheds another light not only on Halit and her doubts, but on the world of fat people in general: the psychological, social and professional worlds. The very personal experience on the one hand and the universal on the other, each of which took the route to be fatter, and thinner than they were, and all they desire is simply to feel better about themselves, in the simplest way possible.


Q&A following the screening with Jenna Weintraub, fat activist and organizer of Roc Body Love.


Director's Bio

Halit Levy, 40, was born in Haifa in northern Israel.  From a young age she worked as a journalist and magazine writer. In her 20’s, she moved to Tel Aviv and started working in the Israeli television industry as a content editor, creative producer, creator and director in top reality and documentary shows. In the last 8 years, in addition to her TV career, Halit has worked as a youth at-risk therapeutic advisor at a facility for homeless youth. She lives in Tel Aviv with her life partner. I’m Fat is her first full-length documentary film.

Dates & Times

I’m Fat

The Little Theatre - #5
Friday, November 2, 2018 9:15 pm Available at box office