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2018 High Falls Film Festival

Short Films Program 2

110 mins

Shorts Program 2

The Little Theatre - #5
Saturday, November 3, 2018 5:30 pm


Courageous women in vastly different circumstances show the power of the human spirit.


Willow (6m, U S A)

Directors: David Cowles and Jeremy Galante

A young girl finds herself in a surprising situation.


Feng Shui (5m, U S A)

Director: Nada Stjepanovic

A woman struggles to rearrange her room, as her life reengages itself.


Butterfly Daughter (15m, Hungary)

Director: Viktoria Szemeredy

A 12-year-old girl leaves a reformatory to join her elder sister and her grandmother in a remote village. She is desperate to get back to her mother, and turns to social media to get in touch with her. But a child in need of care and attention is an easy prey for a criminal lurking behind a false profile.


Look Lovely (7m, U S A)

Director: Kate Schermerhorn

Look Lovely is a short film about 91 year old Denise Bouche Fitch, lover of life and glamour, former Vogue accessory editor, actress, widow of artist Rene Bouche, and later of art collector George Hopper Fitch. Mrs. Fitch lives in an art filled apartment in San Francisco and is a sparkly eyed character full of unexpected stories from her colorful life.


Playground (10m, United Kingdom)

Director: Guen Murroni

A woman struggles with her insomnia as her nights substitutes her days. It’s not until her sisters comes for a visit that we find out the true reason behind her grief.


AmyDee (15m, U S A)

Director: Amy DePaola

Since surviving a physical assault on the steps of her apartment, Amy DePaola (30) has been keeping a low profile while visiting a local boxing gym. When a young woman turns up dead in her neighborhood, Amy is forced to face her fears again, revealing that her real fight is far from over. Inspired by true events and melding narrative with cinéma vérité, AMYDEE. is writer-director-actor Amy DePaola’s meditation on reclaiming one’s power in an uncontrollable modern world.


In Your Eyes (5m, Canada)

Director: Helene Ha

On her boyfriend’s birthday, Thara announces that she is leaving him. Florent finds himself devastated, lying on his living room floor. Thara, not knowing what to say, sips her glass of white wine and thinks back on a relationship that was at times thrilling, at times bland, but mostly (and inevitably) a failure.


Kafka Shrugged (12m, U S A)

Director: Anne S. Lewis

A writer has an experience so Kafkaesque that everyone insists she simply must make a movie about it. Twenty years later, she’s still trying to figure out how to tell that story in light of one of its problematic facts. We follow her comedic, mixed-media descent into Overthinking Hell, as she struggles to resolve the conflict between what really happened and the narrative demands of a good story.


She (10m, United Arab Emirates)

Director: Philip Rachid

SHE paints intimate portraits of seven women based in the United Arab Emirates, each defining through their life experiences and accomplishments what it takes to be a woman trying to realize her goals, hopes and dreams.


A Distance (25m, U S A)

Director: Teodora Totoiu

Three generations of Romanian women reunite in Transylvania on a family farm and struggle to reconnect while mourning the death of a loved one.

Dates & Times

Shorts Program 2

The Little Theatre - #5
Saturday, November 3, 2018 5:30 pm