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Casting By (with Q&A)

Directed by Tom Donahue

Genre: Documentary
Time: 89 minutes
Language: English
Country: USA

Notable Achievement(s):
• Official Selection: Toronto International Film Festival
• Official Selection: New York Film Festival
• Official Selection: St. Louis Film Festival

Of all the individual elements that contribute to the collaborative art form of film, the casting process may have been the most underappreciated – until Marion Dougherty came along and changed everything. Over five decades, Dougherty’s keen eye for star power and acting chemistry helped her make an indelible impact on countless films, as she discovered the raw talent behind a cavalcade of future stars including Glenn Close, Paul Newman, Jon Voight, Al Pacino, Warren Beatty, Bette Midler and Christopher Walken.

This star-studded documentary from director Tom Donahue (who explored another side of the intersection of celebrity and artist in 2008’s Guest of Cindy Sherman) is both an unabashed love letter to Dougherty and her trailblazing career, and an exploration of the casting process – until now the unsung hero of Hollywood.

Synopsis by Erich Van Dussen

Jill Schweitzer will conduct a Question & Answer session with the audience immediately following the film.

Marion Dougherty & Jill Schweitzer

Female subject of documentary and Film Editing by Jill Schweitzer.

Marion Dougherty moved from her home state of Pennsylvania to New York after college wanting to work in the industry. Wanting to design sets it was seemingly pure luck when she fell into casting. From there is was history. Dougherty is known for finding and casting some of the world's biggest stars and working on some of the all time great films.

Dougherty's impact will not soon be forgotten as she is credited with revolutionizing the casting industry. Dougherty has the distinct honor of being the first casting director to have her name credited on her own frame of a film. (source NY Times)

Jill Schweitzer is a well known film editor from New York City. Credited as an "ace editor" by the Toronto Review, Schweitzer is well known for her work on documentaries and reality television. Her credits include True Life, Iconoclasts, and Dog the Bounty Hunter.

Written by Ryan McPherson


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