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2015 High Falls Film Festival

Children’s Short Films Program – FREE Admission

60 minutes mins

Children’s Short Films Program – FREE Admission

The Little Theatre - #5
Saturday, November 14, 2015 10:00 am


The High Falls Film Festival is proudly hosting a special screening of the Rochester International Children’s Film Festival!

This year’s collection includes nine films that creatively illustrate life and imagination for children. Notably, one of the films has been made with children involved in the creative process. There are films from eight different countries — Croatia, South Africa, Northern Ireland to name a few — as well as one made right here in Rochester by local schoolchildren! Many of the films have received significant awards.

RochChIntlFilmFest-CRUSH2 Crush
Directed by Brent Dawes SOUTH AFRICA 5 minutes
Summary: An elephant goes to extraordinary lengths to revive a delicate little flower he has accidentally damaged and is in danger of destroying. But his efforts lead to more trouble and a whirlwind of bent trees and flying water! What’s an elephant to do?!


RochChIntlFilmFest-Wombo-1 Wombo
Directed by Daniel Acht GERMANY 6 minutes
Summary: Wombo is an alien whose spaceship crashes on Earth, right in the middle of a lively farm. In one mishap after the other, he is chased by a dog, saved by a little girl who dresses him up like a doll, then almost put into a vegetable soup! All this because he looks amazingly like a potato! Will poor Wombo ever get home?!


RochChIntlFilmFest-ANATOLE-2 Anatole’s Little Saucepan
Directed by Éric Montchaud FRANCE 5:47 minutes
Summary: Anatole is always dragging his little saucepan behind him — it is a problem that fell on him one day, and nobody really knows why. Since then, it causes problems everywhere. One day, he’s had more than enough trouble and decides to hide. Luckily, a caring person reaches out to help.


RochChIntlFilmFest-ELEPHANTandBICYCLE-1 The Elephant and the Bicycle
By Olesya Shchukina FRANCE 9 minutes
Summary: An elephant in Paris works day and night as a street cleaner to save up for a bicycle that seems to the perfect size for him. But when it turns out to be a disappointment, he must decide whether to give up on his dreams, or find new meaning through the act of giving.


RochChIntlFilmFest-macropolis_run1 Macropolis
By Noel Simon N. IRELAND/UNITED KINGDOM 7 minutes
Summary: Macropolis is the story of two toys rejected from a factory production line because they are considered “defective.” Springing to life, they rebel and chase the factory delivery van in the hope of rejoining their friends. Through pluck and determination, they learn it is their very differences that make them special.


RochChIntlFilmFest-FREDERICK-1 Frederick
By Leo Leonni ITALY 6:19 minutes
Summary: In this classic tale based on the Caldecott Honor book, Frederick the field mouse seems to be doing nothing, while his family works hard to gather food for the long, cold winter. Little do they know he will save the day!


RochChIntlFilmFest-Decorations_still_03 Decorations
By Mari Miyazawa JAPAN 7 minutes
Summary: A frosting decorator tool creates fantasy cake decorations, including a beautiful princess for the top. But as the princess grows, she notices the sparkling lights of the big city outside the window. Should she chase her dream, or stay atop the cake forever?


RochChIntlFilmFest-Hidden Talent-1 Hidden Talent
By Miran Miosic CROATIA 5 minutes
Summary: Bjelobrk, a sociable young cat in Feline City, loves to sing, but he is always out of tune! To save their ears, his friends encourage him to pursue training at a nearby music school. But when his singing doesn’t improve, the other cats start to worry what will happen at the big concert!


HOPES FOR THE FUTURE-DirectorRochChIntlFilmFest-HOPES-1-NyotaHOPES FOR THE FUTURE-Girl Doing Animation “Hopes for the Future” & “The Making of…”
Animated by Trenesha, Ian, Isaiah, Zyaira, Nyota, Denisha, Sincere and Vanessa.


Produced by the Rochester International Children’s Film Festival and Animatus Studios

A creative and moving animated video made by children from the Maplewood YMCA Afterschool Program with School #8, at a free hands-on animation workshop!



The Rochester International Children’s Film Festival is made possible with funds from the Decentralization Program, a regrant program of the New York State Council on the Arts with the support of Governor Andrew Cuomo and the New York State Legislature and administered by Livingston Arts, a member supported organization.


Dates & Times

Children’s Short Films Program – FREE Admission

The Little Theatre - #5
Saturday, November 14, 2015 10:00 am


Rochester International Children's Film Festival