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2018 High Falls Film Festival

Kids’ Short Films Program – FREE Admission

54 mins

Kids’ Shorts – FREE

The Little Theatre - #5
Saturday, November 3, 2018 10:30 am FREE


For over a decade, the High Falls Film Festival has been proud to host special encores of the annual Rochester International Children’s Film Festival. This year’s collection includes 12 films that artistically inspire imagination and thoughtful problem solving in children. Notably, three of the films have been made with children involved in the creative process. The hour-long program includes films from 10 different countries – Croatia, Estonia, Argentina, Georgia and Saipan to name a few – as well as one made right here in Rochester by local schoolchildren! Many of the films have received significant awards. Appropriate for pre-school, elementary, and kids at heart!




Made by children under the direction of Nikolic & Nika Bozic, Foto Kino Video Club Zaprešić

Croatia, 2017, nonverbal, 2 minutes

A beautiful red bird is released from her cage so she can deliver a very special message.




Funny Fish

Directed by Krishna Nair.  France/Switzerland, 2018, 6 minutes

In the middle of the ocean, a group of fish and a whale gather to rescue a fish bobbing strangely on the surface of the water. But is it a balloon fish, or just a balloon?!



Spider Web

Directed by Natalia Chernysheva. Russia, 2017, nonverbal, 4 minutes

A spider becomes inspired by the intricate lace patterns he finds in a book.




Pioneers of the Universe  

Russia, 2017, nonverbal, 5:21 minutes

Who says an elevator operator can’t end up in space?!



Totems: The Family Song

Directed by Mark Taylor, Sesame Studios. US, 1:50 minutes

The Totems celebrate the wonderful diversity of families in our world.



The Snowflake

Directed by Natalia Chernysheva.  Russia, nonverbal, 5:43 minutes

Thanks to a mysterious gift, an African boy and his animal friends wake up to a winter wonderland!




Made by children aged 7-9 at the mobile animation film studio Kidscam, with the help of audiovisual artists.  Belgium, 2017, 1:51 minutes

A variety of musical instruments celebrate with vibrant music.



The Little Pocket Man

Directed by Ana Chubinidze.  France/Switzerland/Georgia, 2017, nonverbal, 7:30 minutes

Being little in a world full of big people has its challenges.



My Haagan Dream

Produced and Directed by Laura & Rob Sams, Stephani Gordon.  US, 2016, 8:16 minutes

On the island of Saipan, a young girl’s mysterious dream about a haggan, or green sea turtle, leads her to investigate the sea turtles that live around her home.



Miriam’s Hen’s Dream

Directed by Andres Tenusaar, Nukufilm Studios.  Estonia, 2017, nonverbal, 5 minutes

From one of the oldest and largest stop‑motion studios in Northern Europe, comes this tale of a plucky chicken looking to fly south with the geese for winter!


Tiniest Man In The World: The Sweater

Directed by Juan Pablo Zaramella.  France/Argentina, 2017, nonverbal, 1:10 minutes

When you are 15 cm tall, it’s hard to find a sweater that fits just right!



The Teacher & The Kids Fun Song, Plus “The Making Of…” 

Made by children in the School #8 Afterschool Program at the YMCA, under the direction of Dave Puls, Fred Armstrong & Mike Boas. Hosted by the Rochester International Children’s Film Festival.  US, 2018, 3:32 minutes & 2:22 minutes

Kids illustrate a day at school, their interaction with teachers and how learning different subjects can be fun, especially if they work together.








GVArts logos (1)The Rochester International Children’s Film Festival is a project made possible with funds from the Decentralization Program, a regrant program of the New York State Council on the Arts with the support of Governor Andrew Cuomo and the New York State Legislature and administered by Livingston Arts, a member supported organization.






Dates & Times

Kids’ Shorts – FREE

The Little Theatre - #5
Saturday, November 3, 2018 10:30 am FREE