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2018 High Falls Film Festival

Short Films by the Women of RIT’s School of Film and Animation

92 mins

Women of SOFA Shorts – with Q&A

The Little Theatre - #5
Saturday, November 3, 2018 12:30 pm


A tradition since the festival began in 2001, High Falls proudly presents a shorts program showcasing work by the female students of the School of Film and Animation (SOFA) at Rochester Institute of Technology. This year we feature both live action and animated films.


Aftercare (5:23)

Directed by Andrea Carvalho

A short film exploring sex, sensuality, intimacy, and how it relates to food.





Consumer (2:35)

Directed by Alyssa Minko and Amy Adams

An experimental approach and illustrative visual experience combine to create a fluid stream of thought that exposes the traditions and choices concerning food, production, and consumption.



Drowning (1:47)

Directed by Kimmie King

An exploration into the sensation of drowning.




Elena (9:07)

Directed by Emily Kordovich

Everyone has a doppelganger, but only some can people can see them.




Euthanasia Pines (3:54)

Directed by Tara Gordon

Two old biddies fight over the newest resident in the home.




Feets (3:33)

Directed by Elizabeth Dettmann

A young scout meets a new friend.




Glint (4:14)

Directed by April Lau

In a cold and dark void, a little robot finds a way to sustain her source of light.




I See Everything, I See Nothing (16:20)

Directed by Jenna Roscoe

Three friends on a camping trip come to terms with loss and friendship.



Period (2:00)

Directed by Palwasha Azimi

A visually abstract way of looking at the female menstrual cycle.




Scott Free (12:11)

Directed by Lane McFaddin, Script by Camille Howard, DP Emma Firulli

Marissa goes on an errand to buy brownies but gets distracted.




Swan Was Here (14:34)

Directed by Annika Servin

How do homeless people survive the tough Rochester winters? This film follows one homeless man as he moves from a tent in the park to a permanent home.



To Be Whole (2:58)

Directed by Yiran Qiao

Stuck in a world where she feels out of place, Ms. Sector searches to find where she fits in.





Warszawski Rudzik  (7:44)

Directed by Mackenzie Bates

In the darkness of war, a frightened child learns the importance of story.




Breaking Point (2:28)

Directed by Liv Gwynn

An experimental film that explores the delicacies of human nature while working through frustration and anger.




Dates & Times

Women of SOFA Shorts – with Q&A

The Little Theatre - #5
Saturday, November 3, 2018 12:30 pm