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2018 High Falls Film Festival

Short Films Program 1

105 mins

Shorts Program 1

The Little Theatre - #5
Friday, November 2, 2018 6:00 pm Available at box office


Love, friendship, fear, grief, obsession – universal human emotions brilliantly captured by filmmakers from around the world.


Love and Other Places (11m, Australia)

Director: Mitzi Ruhlmann

A young girl momentarily escapes from the mundanities of her life and ultimately realizes what truly matters to her.


The Bake Sale (23m, U S A)

Director: Susan Skoog

Debra, a privileged stay at home mother, aggravates her bake sale co-chair, Cyndi, a struggling nurse, to the point of fisticuffs when Debra gets a call that her mammogram is positive.


Zoe + Ari (10m, U S A)

Director: Rachael Meyers

An LGBT relationship dramedy, Zoe + Ari follows freebird Zoe and structured Ari as they navigate the realms of work, play and their expectations of love.



Kim’s Kitchen (3m, U S A)

Director: Yaara Sumeruk

In the vein of Giada at Home or Barefoot Contessa, Kim’s Kitchen is the cooking show that asks, “Just how aspirational can we make cooking appear?” And, “Isn’t this the ideal lifestyle for a woman and mother?” And, “Oh my God, what the hell is wrong with Kim? Should she be allowed near knives?”


The Staying Kind (20m, U S A)

Director: Isaac Deitz

A woman left behind during the Civil War must break the ties to her dead husband before they become the demise of her son.



The Elephant’s Song (8m, U S A)

Director: Lynn Tomlinson

“The Elephant’s Song” tells the true and tragic tale of Old Bet, the first circus elephant in America, as recounted in song by her friend the old farm dog. Their story is portrayed in colorful, handcrafted animation, created frame by frame with clay-on-glass and oil pastel animation.


Namaste the Film (16m, U S A)

Director: Christine Altan

Told through the eyes of multiple couples, a story of interconnectedness unfolds as Chrysta opens herself to the possibility of love. Brief encounters reveal the invisible current that eventually leads to the moment she lays eyes on her future. Interweaving natural elements and surroundings, Namaste takes you on a moving visual journey of loss and love.


Nothing Important (15m, United Kingdom)

Director: Tara FitzGerald

A modern day psychological horror, NOTHING IMPORTANT is the chilling tale of one woman’s efforts to steal her life back from her lonely female neighbour.

Dates & Times

Shorts Program 1

The Little Theatre - #5
Friday, November 2, 2018 6:00 pm Available at box office