Kid’s Shorts Program

For over a decade, the  Festival has been proud to host special encores of the annual Rochester International Children’s Film Festival. This year’s collection includes films that artistically inspire imagination and thoughtful problem solving in children. Appropriate for pre-school, elementary, and kids at heart!

In this program


Directed by Julia Ocker

The ants are working together perfectly, thanks to their rather strict team leader with a whistle. But when…

Land Without Evil

Directed by Katalin Egely

Based on Guaraní mythology (Tierra sin mal), this beautiful film set to world music shows a vision of…

Learning Through Play, and “The Making of…”

Directed by Animatus Studio., Dave Puls

In this charming animated short made by children from Rochester’s School #8/Maplewood YMCA Afterschool Program, kids share why…

Pig on the Hill, The

Directed by Jamy Wheless & John Helms

Pig lives a quiet, orderly life alone on a hill, until one day a free-spirited and energetic Duck…

Sam’s Dream

Directed by Nölwenn Roberts

One spring morning, Sam the Mouse decides to make his dream come true, despite the rules of gravity…

Two Balloons

Directed by Mark Smith

In this dreamy adventure, two lemurs spot each other while navigating their handmade dirigibles up in the clouds….

Two Trams

Directed by Svetlana Andrianova

Each day, the young tram makes its rounds with the older tram along the network of streets. But…

Tyrannosaurus Funk

Directed by Sandra Boynton

A group of T. Rex dinosaurs sing and stomp their way through this delightful, must-get-up-and-dance short by the…

Water Path for a Fish

Directed by Mercedes Marro

During a warm, summer night in Latin America, Oscar awakes to see a little goldfish gasping for air…

Short Shorts: Bars & Tone; Bi-Polaroid; String of Sound; Untitled

Directed by John Moreno

A group of abstract, artistic and sometimes playful shorts!

Dates & Times
The Little Theatre 5

Sat, Nov 2
10:30 am