Shorts Program 1 – Understanding the World

This program presents films that explore the lives and challenges of people from around the world, fostering greater understanding of issues that effect other humans.

In this program

The Flock

Directed by Beryl Shereshewsky, Philip Robibero

Every summer 600,000 North Atlantic puffins nest on an island reserve off the coast of Witless Bay, Newfoundland. For the people of Witless, the Puffin is a symbol of their identity and a major economic draw fueled by tourism.But, as the local economy changes into a development hotbed a startling number of dead pufflings are found scattered across town. For many residents, the correlation is clear, but with no easy solutions the town becomes divided on what to do about it.

The Youngest

Directed by Rachel Elitzur

Ultra-Orthodox young Leah works in her mother’s store. She has come of age and would like to marry, but her widowed mother won’t let go.When the two women light Hanukkah candles together, a small miracle begins to unfold.


Directed by Mehrnoosh Fetrat

An Iranian journalist couple wants to move to America to escape the difficulties of their country. The woman receives her visa but her husband doesn’t. He stays in Iran and watches his wife find success on television and falls into a state of depression.

Le Prelude: 10,000 Miles From Paris

Directed by Kathleen O'Dwyer

Native Parisian Chloe Marchand reluctantly accepted an assignment in the Australian outback in order to write an article. When her path meets that of a local, Jake Henson, they both find themselves stuck in an unconventional “date” with culture clash on the menu – one that will take an unexpected turn.

Hard Shadow

Directed by Neda Khanifar

The right to be free is the most important gift that must be given to every human being from the very beginning. But what a pity that today the simplest and most basic human rights in the world are ignored.

Kio Kio

Directed by Louisiana Kreutz

A tropical island in the middle of the Pacific finds their most prized fish, the Kio Kio, is also a hot commodity in the fly fishing world.

The Girl Next Door

Directed by Donna Bonilla Wheeler

A prodigy musician trapped in a rural town fights to break free from family and societal norms that have silenced her, and joins forces with a singer/songwriter to overcome those obstacles as a team.

Dates & Times
The Little Theatre 5

Fri, Nov 1
8:30 pm