SOFA Shorts

A festival tradition since 2001, we proudly present short films by female students in the RIT School of Film and Animation

In this program

Pretty Naps

Directed by Taylor Goethe

A mother unwittingly teaches her daughter to hate her natural hair. The daughter decides to take their nighttime hair routine into her own hands.


Directed by Emma Donaher

Popo (pronounced po-po’ah) means grandmother. This is a documentary about my grandmother.

Blue Moon

Directed by Sara Calhoun

Long distance relationships are hard, especially for the sun and the moon. Together, the two must learn how to navigate the physical gap between them in order to show how much they care for one another.

Leep Foods

Directed by Tori Dunn

The Leep Foods Miniseries promotes the culture and mission of a local mushroom cultivator in Rochester, New York via social media. The series explores the many health and ecological benefits of growing gourmet, quality mushrooms.

Coffee Mug

Directed by Clara Riedlinger

Love and friendship are on display as we follow two bosom buddies around on a day off together. An intimate Millennial relationship study, Coffee Mugcelebrates the lazy days.


Directed by Elizabeth Dettmann

The origin of the Jackalope.

Creatures of Mare

Directed by Taylor Thum

Creatures of the Mare is a radical film that explores your inner nightmares.

Whisper in the Wind

Directed by Laiken Hall

A stop motion animated short about a little girl in a field. The girl is scared of losing her toy cow and struggles to hold on to it as the winds change.


Directed by Allison Larkin and Magdalena Dybas

Two girls go on a walk together in the woods. There they learn there are a lot of uncertainties when tumbling into something new.

Good Gold Fish

Directed by Eliza Good

Margo & Ruthie are small-town church girls and best friends. Overachiever Margo is promoted to youth-group Student Leader, but… she might be a closeted atheist. Meanwhile, devout Ruthie tries to step out of Margo’s consuming shadow.


Directed by Addy Farrell, Rylie Field, Sophie Walter

The experiences of two transgender women


Directed by Mackenzie Kuc

A jewelry box ballerina ventures outside of her box. Upon her departure, she finds that not all is as she remembers.


Directed by Elaine Donmoyer

Deep in a coal mine, the earth awakens. Will man learn to coexist, or will everything be destroyed.

Yvonne’s Kitchen

Directed by Camille Howard

Yvonne Hylton has been living with Parkinson’s Disease for 12 years. Take a walk in her shoes as she explores ideas about life, health, and the community that lifts her up.

In a Better Place

Directed by Kimmie King and E.D. Mead

A passionate demon in Hell pitches to her boss ideas about how their torture techniques can be improved. However, her boss is set in her ways of tradition. Through the magic of song and dance, they come to respect each other’s opposing points of view and learn to work as a team.

Dates & Times
The Little Theatre 5

Sun, Nov 3
12:30 pm

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