Submit a Short Film

Short Films (30 minute max)

We welcome short films targeted to an adult audience.  All short films must be made by, or feature, women in a strong leading role, or films that focus on women and their life experiences.  Preference will be given to films made by women in a leadership role(s); including director, screenplay writer, producer, cinematographer, etc.   All genres including live action narrative, live action documentary, animation, experimental, hybrid, etc. may be submitted.


  • Early-bird: April 29, 2019 – Fee $25
  • Regular: July 15, 2019 – Fee: $30
  • Late: August 10, 2019 – Fee: $35
  • Extended Late: August 31, 2019 – Fee: $50






  • All submitted works must be a maximum length of 30 minutes.
  • All genres welcome.
  • Film must be made by at least one woman in a leadership role: Director, Writer, Executive Producer, Producer have preference. Woman cinematographer and/or editor will be considered.
  • Strongly suggest  that all submissions be completed through Film Freeway. That makes it easiest for our programming committee. Alternately, we will accept a mailed DVD screener, but it must be accompanied by a check, entry form and return self-addressed envelope if you would like the DVD returned. We will also accept a Vimeo link along with a check and a complete entry form. Please email for mailing instructions.
  • All possible care will be taken in the handling of entries. However, the Festival cannot accept responsibility for loss or damage to entries while they are in our possession or in transit.
  • No honorarium available.
  • No works-in-progress please.
  •  If selected the festival requires a Blu-ray or DCP file for exhibition. We do not accept DVD format for screening.


For more information, contact Programming Chair Malcolm Spaull –