Welcome to the High Falls Women’s Film Festival!

A river and its high waterfall forged Rochester, NY, the home of Susan B. Anthony and George Eastman, creating a landscape that would ultimately change women’s rights and the film industry forever. By celebrating women in film since 2001, we have been a part of a cascade of change for an artform and for women everywhere.

For nearly 20 years, our film festival has been celebrating and creating opportunity for women filmmakers from all over the world, not just by screening their films, but by also inviting them to be part of the larger conversation on inequality in the film industry.

Very recently, the world has witnessed the strengthening of a movement of women in Hollywood fighting for their due respect. This inspired us to look at how we were portraying our own mission and our festival. In that spirit, we present a new way to think of our festival that was born from both our own history and the movement we will continue to champion.

Please join us October 31 – November 3, for another year of engaging films, panels, and events celebrating women in film!

Kate Herrmann, Executive Director